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PRE-SALE Art Theory Full Half Metre Cut Bundle - Alison Glass - Andover Fabrics

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Expected release date is 15th Dec 2020

 **pre-sale - estimated delivery end of October / early November 2020 to early December 2020**

These items are available for pre-sale and the arrival date is an estimation that is subject to change without notice. We cannot guarantee ship dates, however, we can guarantee that we will ship your order within 48 hours of receiving the item.

From the 'Art Theory' collection by Alison Glass,

Full 20 half-metre bundle. This bundle DOES NOT contain the Art Theory Grand Circle Panels.  
1 half-metre measures approximately 50cm x 112cm
Weight / content: quilting, 100% cotton
Width: 112cm / 44"

Collection: Art Theory
Designer: Alison Glass
Manufacturer: Andover Fabrics