Peridot Blouse & Ankle Pants (2 - 8 years) - Clever Charlotte

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For serious study time at the library or just looking stylishly studious, we offer the Peridot Blouse & Ankle Pants. The relaxed fit of the Blouse features aband at the bottom hem and loose-fitting sleeves. Personalize the detachable Peter Pan-style collar in any number of ways to embellish the Blouse or another garment in your little girl’s wardrobe. The slim Pants showcase a row of small covered buttons at the ankles, and the fitted waist with side zipper lends a tailored look.

Suggested Fabrics:

For the Peridot Blouse and detachable collar, we recommend light-to-medium weigh woven fabrics, such as cotton shirtings, poplin, voile, and quilting cotton. The Pants work well with most bottom-weight fabrics, such as stretch twill and corduroy, however having some stretch in the Pants fabric is not necessary. 


Blouse & Collar

  • 3 x 1/2" shank buttons

  • 6" of 1/8" or 1/4" wide elastic for button closures

  • 3/4 yard of lightweight fusible interfacing

  • 24" ribbon for the collar tie

  • Matching thread


  • 10 x 5/8" covered buttons or shank-style buttons

  • 12" of elastic button loop tape with loops spaced 1" apart

  • 7-9" invisible zipper

  • 1/4 yard lightweight fusible interfacing

  • Small amount of contrasting fabric (if using covered buttons)

  • Matching thread


Pattern Collection: Clever Charlotte

Skill Level: Advanced beginners

2 to 8 years