Metal Zip Slider with Hollow Star Zipper Pull - #5 zip slider

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Sold by individual zip pull.

This zip slider is made specially to fit our own brand #5 continuous zip although it might fit other makes of #5 continuous zips.   

The metal allow zip pull is non-locking and with a dangle style pull in shiny metal finish.  You can put this slider pull from either size of our continuous zip to make double pull zip.  

If you are unsure about the size, please contact us before purchase.


To install the zip pulls to the zipper:

1) Open one end of the zipper by a few inches, as the coil works both ways, it doesn't matter which end you open.

2) Holding the zipper pull, with the round side down, slide one side of the zipper tape up into the slider.  Don't pull it all the way through, stop just when it catches inside.  Hold this with one hand.

3) Slide the other side of the tape up into the slider with the other hand.  Once you feel the resistance from the other tape, gently push both tape through the pull with equal pressure.  Once you can see both tape emerge from the other end of the pulls with teeth locked in place correctly, you can firmly pull the zipper pull down.