Kestrel Coat (2 - 8 years) - Clever Charlotte

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For brisk walks to school or a holiday soiree, the Kestrel Coat is sure to be a gem in your little girl’s closet. The Coat is fully lined with a button front. Its full gathered back is echoed in the full-length sleeves. The Coat’s integrated scarf is sure to keep little necks warm and never end up in the lost and found bin. 

Suggested Fabrics:


For the Main fabric of the Kestrel Coat, we recommend mid- to heavyweight fabrics, such as corduroy, velvet and wool coating. For the lining, select a lightweight cotton, rayon, or silk. 


  • 3/4 yard midweight fusible interfacing

  • 5 x 7/8" or 1" buttons

  • Matching thread



Pattern Collection: Clever Charlotte

Skill Level: Advanced beginners

2 to 8 years