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Cork Fabric - Natural Patterned - Cork Leather

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High Quality Cork Fabric -

Cork fabric is made with 100% vegan, environmental friendly and natural cork shaving bonded onto a backing of cotton and polyester coated polyurethane (15.5% polyester, 29.5% cotton, 55% polyurethane)

Cork Fabric is soft to the touch.  It is as durable as leather but as versatile as fabric.  It is the perfect alternative to the animal leather.   It is flexible and highly suitable for hand and machine sewing, allowing a wide variety of applications, from cushion covers, pouches to bags and other fashion accessories. The possibilities are endless with cork fabric.  

Cork fabric is impermeable to gases and liquids, it is waterproof and stain resistant.  If your cork fabric does get soiled, surf cleaning with water and a mild soap should be sufficient. Machine washing of the finished product is not recommended as the item and/or its hardware may be damaged during agitation.

Cork fabric is made of natural bark, it can vary slightly in color.


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