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Barrel Shape Colour Silicone Adjuster Beads for facemask Elastics - pack of 10

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These silicone elastic and cord adjusters / toggles are great for improving fits for face masks. Threads and strings can be easily thread through the holes in the adjuster, from the large hole (4mm) towards the small hole (2mm). So your loop sits on top of the small hole.


They are available in the disc and barrel styles in various colour. Choose your options above.


Disc style adjusters are 9.5mm x 9.5mm. It can accommodate the 3mm - 4mm / 1/8" width elastic or cord. If can be used with a 6mm / 1/4" elastic cord for a snug fit.


Barrel style adjusters are 9mm x 6 mm. It can accommodate the 3mm - 6mm / 1/8" to 1/4" elastic cord.


Both styles are suitable for the soft face mask elastics sold by us.


Instructions on how to install it, see our instagram feed @thepurplestitches or watch our facebook video:


This is for the adjuster beads only. You can find our soft face mask elastic in both black and white in our shop.